Christmas bazaar

Online store with curbside pickup for a unique shop with Scandinavian Christmas items.

From the Desember 2nd. to December 6th., we arrange our annual Christmas bazaar. During this time, our online store will be full of Norwegian Christmas goods, nisser, lutefisk, pinnekjøtt and ribbe.

The Christmas Bazaar is usually the biggest event we have during a normal year. When there is no pandemic, almost 2000 people visit. This is of course an important fundraiser for us, but also a great fun and cozy weekend.

As a result of the pandemic, the bazaar will take place with curbside pick-up: Our Online Christmas Bazar open Wednesday Desember 2nd at 10:00am. You order items in our online store and we meet you with a smile, your items and something hot to drink while you wait in the car queue and listen to Norwegian Christmas music broadcasted on the AM band.

The Christmas Bazaar is free of tax from Wednesday 10:00 am to Friday 10:00 am. 

Link to our Silent Auction!

Link to Christmas Raffle!

Curbside hours:
Wednesday (12.2) — Friday(12.4): 2pm - 6pm
Saturday (12.5): 10 am-4pm / Sunday (12.6): 12pm - 4pm

Many volunteers are involved in the preparation of and during these days. They bake Christmas cakes, knit and sew or take part in other activities.

You can find this year's flyer here.

We look forward to see you at the curbside!