Lunsjkonsert: Angus Bayley

Fredag 23. februar kl 13.00

Though he actually studied as a scientist, London-based Angus Bayley has never been far from music and has been an active pianist all the while, as well as a prolific composer. Bayley's music is a collection of quiet, folksy, song-like instrumental tunes that revel in delicate, pretty harmony and space.

He turned heads in 2016 with the release of Scrapbook - the eponymous debut album of the chamber/jazz crossover septet he runs - which was lauded as "relentlessly beautiful” (Tom Cawley) and “exuding both the affable glow and the burning ambition of creative freedom” (London Jazz News).

The concert is free of charge but you can donate whatever you like to support the artist and the Church. Welcome!