Sunday March 31, 2019 @ 12.30 pm:Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of Members will be held on March 31st, 2019 at 12.30 pm following the regular Sunday Service.

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31.03.2019 kl 12:30

The Chairman of the Board, Inger Tallaksen, will welcome the Congregation.

Members of this Corporation shall be those who agree with the provisions of the Church By- Laws and contribute with an annually medmebers fee set by the Board of Trustees.

1. The Annual Report 2018
The Senior Pastor, Øyvind Kvarstein, will present some of the key-points in the report.

2. The Auditor’s Report 2018
Mikael D. Mulhall will give a brief summary of the financial report in cooperation with Stephen Ketcham, the Church’s Auditor. Mikael D. Mulhall will provide financial review and report for 2018 in the meeting.

3. Election
Inger Tallaksen will present the Nominating Committee’s slate of candidates to be elected to the Board of Trustees to serve for the next three year period.

Boardmembers up for re-election:
Inger Tallaksen - Term expires 3/2019 -  Re-elected 3/2016
Siw Potter - Term expires 3/2019  - New Member 3/2016
Fredrik Marø - Term expires 3/2019 - New Member 3/2017

Church members are entitled to nominate other candidates, provided that such other nomination is proposed by two members in writing.

4. Election of Church’s Auditor
Ketcham and Associates, LLC (Stephen D. Ketcham, CPA), is to be re-elected for the year 2019.

Please find:
Årsrapport 2018 / Annual Report 2018
Proxy 2019
List of Board members

New York, February 19th 2019.
Øyvind Kvarstein
Senior Pastor