Trygve Lie Gallery and Skjeberg Folkehøyskole presents:Opening Reception: Look to Norway. Again

Trygve Lie Gallery and Skjeberg Folkehøyskole (Folk College) is proud to once again collaborate and are opening a new exhibition on Sunday March 31st 12pm.

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31.03.2019 kl 12:00

Skjeberg Folk College has a group of students specializing in photography. During a full year the study different aspects of photography and photographic art. During the school year they travel to get inspiration and learn new things. New York is always on their travel schedule and this is the second year they are presenting their work at Trygve Lie Gallery.

The collaboration between the Norwegian Seamen's church in New York and Skjeberg goes back many years. Every year they produce a calendar with their own work which is being sold. the profits from the calendars goes to the Norwegian Church in New York. The church has acted as a base for a students when they are here in NYC and they often have a few of their workshops at the church.