For artists and curators

Exhibiting at TLG.


Trygve Lie Gallery hosts 8-10 exhibitions per year. If you wish to be taken into consideration for an exhibition, please contact us. We will need a CV/resumé, examples/documentation of the works and an artistic statement, all in digital form. See below for plan drawing/dimensions and pictures of the gallery space.

Documentary exhibitions
The gallery does occasionally show documentary exhibitions. If you are a museum curator, press photographer, historian etc., and have a project you would like to showcase at TLG, please contact us with the details.

The gallery is run by the Norwegian Seamen's Church New York, and as such, we are especially but not exclusively interested in fields such as Norwegian history, immigration issues, Manhattan/New York City, faith-, church- and charity-related issues, shipping, seamen and the sea - and, of course, United Nations, its related organizations and their work.