Av forfatteren selv, Olaf EngvigForedrag: The Ships that buil the west

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17.03.2019 kl 13:00

Olaf Engvig, a well-known Norwegian-American maritime scholar, author and captain of historic vessels, is available for a free lecture (with accompanying pictures) and book signing-event at the church. Mr. Engvig was named Scandinavian American of the Year in 2015, and has received medals from two different Norwegian kings for his work with historic vessels.

His informal and fun lecture focuses on material from his latest book. The Ships That Built the West: The Scandinavian Navy, WAPAMA and VÆRDALEN is the winner of the 9th Karl Kortum Maritime History Award! The Scandinavian Navy refers to ships and/or seamen from Scandinavia in the 1880-1945 time period. The US West Coast was built with the help of these ships and men. The book also shares the stories of  related ships, such as the steam schooner WAPAMA and the restoration of the hybrid ship VÆRDALEN, now the sole survivor representing the famed Scandinavian Navy (picture below). This is the very first time the story of the thousands of seamen who immigrated is told. Hundreds of books, movies and plays exist about the Scandinavians who immigrated to the Prairie, but this is the very first time the story of the seamen who immigrated is told.