The silent auction exhibtion is now closedTrygve Lie Gallery presents: Silent Auction of renowned Norwegian Artist

We thank everyone that made a bid in the exhibtion which raised over $10,000 to the Norwegian Seamen's Church in New York city


The Trygve Lie gallery is located in and run by the Norwegian Seamen's Church in New York. The was established to contribute to the promotion of Norwegian, Norwegian-American and Scandinavian art to a broad audience in the city of New York. 

In addition to exhibiting art and documentary projects, the gallery space is used for recitals, conferences, performances etc. If you wish to rent the gallery space, please contact us.

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About Trygve Lie Gallery

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For artists and curators

Exhibiting at TLG.

The silent auction exhibition is now closed.

The Exhibition held 42 different Works of famous Norwegian artist, such as: Håkon Bleken (two prints), Ørnulf Opdahl (nine prints), Reidar Fritzvold, Jarle Rosseland, Dag Alveng (photo), Eystein Sigurdson, Knut Rose and Alf Trana.

The next exhibition at the Trygve Lie gallery opens Feburary 5th 2020. Stay tuned for more information.