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Emergency Response and the handling of crises

- It’s all about people

Sjømannskirken (The Seamen’s Church) has long experience and excessive competence in following up people after accidents abroad. A cooperation with Sjømannskirken include:

  • 24-hour Emergency Phone (+47 951 19 181)

  • Advice and guidance in following up the incident.

  • When requested send resource persons to place of incident or other agreed place.

  • Visits at hospitals.

  • Accompany people to their home, when needed.

  • Assist with rituals and/or religious services appropriate to the situation.

  • Lead debriefs and provide individuals and groups with grief counseling. Assist in the follow-up, care and support of individuals, families and colleagues.

  • A broad international network of different churches and organizations can be activated.

  • Seminars and courses in Emergency Response and the handling of crises.

  • Assist companies with plans for Emergency Response and Crisis Support.

  • Support and practical aid to people who travel abroad in the aftermath of an incident.

  • Online personal counseling with experienced staff on

The Emergency Response from Sjømannskirken is available to all employees, regardless of their nationality or religious affiliation.

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