Welcome to Sjømannskirken - Norwegian Church Abroad.

Sjømannskirken – Norwegian Church Abroad, is a non-profit organization with a commission from the Parliament to serve Norwegians abroad. 28 churches serve as social and cultural meeting places for around 700.000 annually. In addition  chaplains cover around 80 countries visiting Norwegian communities and students. Norwegian oil installations in the North Sea are also frequently visited by chaplains.

Adress in Bergen
Strandgaten 198
Nordnes, Bergen

Adress in Oslo
Nedre Slottsgate 4

Contact information:

E-mail: info@sjomannskirken.no

Telephone: +47 55 55 22 55

Opening hours: 08:00am - 15:30pm. Monday to Friday.

Find staff

As a non-profit the Norwegian Church Abroad is depended on donations. Donations can be done directly to your local Sjømannskirke or to our gifts account

IBAN:NO44 3000 1790 400

BIC/Swift-adresse: SPSONO22XXX

NO 938 555 222 MVA

For questions about donations. Please contact giverservice@sjomannskirken.no

Economy and activities

Yearly budget 230 million NOK. (1/3 from the Government, 2/3 from private sponsors and companies)

  • Around 700 weddings per year.
  • 1500 visits to Norwegian vessels per year.
  • 4000 visits to hospitalized per year.
  • 1500 church services per year.
  • 213 agreements with companies and universities on Emergency response and the handling of crises. We represent a resource for both Norwegian and international staff in these matters.

Here is a list of all the churches, some of them also have information in English.

In november each year you are welcome to visit the Christmas Fair. Then thechurches will be filled with Christmas decorations, candles, clothing, food and everything else you need to get a feel of Scandinavia.

Some of our churches have business lunches for all employees in Scandinavian companies. If you have further questions, please write to info@sjomannskirken.no or call + 47 55 55 22 55.

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