Utstilling: Henrik Nordahl

The exhibit will be up from Juni 28th through August 30th.

About the artist:
Henrik Nordahl (b.1992) is a multidisciplinary artist from Norway whose work explores the ‘life’ of the non-human by turning a seemingly prosaic object or material with a distinct backstory into something formally unassuming but implacably charged. Central to Nordahl’s creative process is what he refers to as a ‘collaboration’ with the materials which he engages. It is a process-led experimentation informed by a material’s behavior and responsiveness to processes inspired by natural occurrences like; decay, heat, moisture, wear and tear, growth and chemical reactions.

Henrik Nordahl earned his BFA in Graphic Design & Illustration from Oslo National Academy Of The Arts in 2017. In 2023 Nordahl graduated from Parsons in New York with an MFA in Fine Arts.

Website: https://henriknordahl.com
Instagram: @nordahl.works

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