Nordic Mystique Photo Exhibition

Stop by for our current Exhibition "Nordic Mystique". On display until January 13th.


A photograph is a sweet, liberating lie that takes us away from reality into a timeless room where truth is absent, where time ceases to exist and we´re allowed to see things that the eye cannot capture.

My images aim to tell stories about Time. Of Time that dwells in the moment. Time that quells the storm and the roaring water falls. Of Time that reveals the magic in the ordinary. But also of Time that never returns, never to be recaptured, and Time we wish would never pass.
As in these images - Time - is a powerful element in our lives.

Time can soften the heartache of sorrow, conflict strife. The pain you know at this moment presents milder until it becomes a memory.

The images in this exhibition can remind us that Time does not heal, but eases and transforms. Aware of its powerful existence, it can be the transforming tool that enables us to move on through darkness and melancholy.

The work I did shooting these images enabled me to face and tackle the dark and heavy days that life also consists of.

About Morten Golimo
Morten Golimo is an award-winning Norwegian photographer with a background as a journalist. Ten years ago, he opted for journalism in favor of art photography. Golimo has had several separat exhibitions, but this is his first outside Norway.

"I no longer wanted to have to document everything I wrote. I saw so much more than I could write in the tight frame of journalism. Therefore, I decided to tell stories with light instead of words. Because I am no longer a documentarist, I can tell what I feel and not just what I see. I make photographic images for heart and soul, not for the intellect, " Golimo says.

We also invite to two special events together with Morten Golimo:
Tuesday December 4th 2-5pm: Workshop: How to take better smartphone picutres
Thursday December 6th 6pm: Dinner & talk: "Why Photographs Lie"

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